studio sale and draw

Would you like to have this piece Overflow (retail $1400, 41x46cm) for $25? Cool.

May 4 Sat 1-5pm. #17A 1310 William St (at Clark Dr.), Vancouver BC. Phone# on door, call me and I will open….

Spend $25 (eg, 5 greeting cards) and get a ticket for the draw. All works will be 20% off. Max two tickets per person. I’ve been accepted for two residencies: one in the Yukon and one in the fall in Saskatchewan, so I’m saving up for fees and travel. If you are out of town or can’t come, you can send me $25 by paypal. I’ll send you a package of cards (I’ll need a mailing address) and put your name in the draw.

Unfortunately the building is NOT wheelchair friendly. One set of stairs.Prize draw at 4:30pm. I look forward to seeing you! Bettina


I am looking forward to two residencies this year. Over the summer I’ll be at the Canadian Wilderness Artist Residency in the Yukon and the Stegner House in Eastend Saskatchewan later in the year. There will be some new landscapes and stories…..


Three new lifejackets just had their pictures taken! Check them out under Work: SOS


I have been working on a piece about the past summers’ forest fires. I wanted the lining to make the white wall really glow. Thinking the red satin would do the job, it glowed a sickly pink. Re-lining it with orange made it much more ominous (bottom right). Every piece involves some adjustments, reworking, failure even. But, as Samuel Beckett said: “Fail better”. I take comfort in that.


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Embroidered Meteorology published in Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal!. The essay is about my own learning that is bound in with making art -specifically my project around weather.


Cartographer John Nelson has set up a lovely blog that invites people to write short pieces about personal aspects of maps and mapping. I'm very pleased to have a post there recalling the "Bike Trip" project maps:


bike trip spool skeena copy.jpg


My presentation at Sam Sullivan's Public Salon is now on YouTube!  I pitch how utterly remarkable the Bayeux Tapestry is. If you can't go to France to see it, look at http://www.precinemahistory.net/bayeux.htm